Our Mission

Our Mission at Pinnacle Reconstruction & Project Management is to assist property owners, be they HOA’s, OA’s or of Apartment Buildings, protect and restore their property after it is damaged by fire, smoke or water. Or, with oversight of improvements such as painting, carpet, plumbing, roof or window replacement or corrections from construction defect claims.

About Pinnacle
Like many in the business of reconstruction or project management we handle all size of loss and projects. Whether the task is to oversee the dry out, cleanup, restoration and claim resolution of a loss resulting from a failed wax ring under a toilet or a large water or fire loss that impacted the common area and many units, we are here to help everyone through the process. The same can be said for reconstruction or restoration projects such as a building wide window replacement, painting, new roof, replacing plumbing or electrical wiring, addressing concrete spalling, dry rot or something else. Whatever your need, we are here for you.

Unlike some management companies, we do not make our job easier by advising a board of directors, the property owner or their managers, that all losses are the HOA’s. Our belief that we have a fiduciary duty to you means that we always put your needs first.

What distinguishes Pinnacle from most of our peers is our expertise in identifying what failed, thereby causing property damage, as well as identifying who was responsible to maintain that which failed. When it comes to insurance, making these determinations quickly assures that the correct party and insurance company are put on notice of their responsibility to cover the the loss. As we see it, we owe a fiduciary duty to our client to see that they and their insurer only pay for losses that were rightly theirs.

We are also here to help you with the planning and execution of your next big improvement or repair project. Whether it is addressing concrete spalling, painting of the building exterior or interior, waterproofing or carpeting of the common areas. Or, with full replacement projects such as the buildings main electric panel, old water supply or drain lines, roof replacement or upgrading the old or failed windows.

If construction defect or decades of deferred maintenance are the problem at your property, we are here to help you with the planning and execution of its restoration. Not only with the project but with answering questions of the membership who are often being asked to pay a large special assessment. And, we can assist with the loan process if the cost of repair or restoration necessitates such.

Whatever your properties need, we are here to help you through the project with as little angst as possible. In short, we take on the stress of dealing with the many facets of the project while lending support to you throughout the process.

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